Need networking help. Please help me :)

Need networking help. Please help me :)

Post by Binh Cha » Tue, 18 May 1999 04:00:00


I'm new to Linux.  Just installed Redhat Linux and cannot get the
network cards to work correctly.  I have 2 cards and i want to get a t
least one working.  Linux recognizes the PCI card which is  Linksys
card.  The card is recognized as Tulip but on startup, it does not load
correctly.  It says that it failed.  I really don't know my way around
Linux and i have gnome and kde installed.  This means that I need as
much help as i can get.  :)

I've been looking for information all day today and yesterday on the web
and cannot find anything.  I say something about configuring rc...  but
i don't know how to do that.  I have also been on irc without any
success.  I would appreciate ANY help  :)

Please help


Binh Chau


1. HELP HELP HELP...pretty please :)

Hi all,

1)    Okay, my question is that I have a 4.3 gig Ultra DMA Hard drive.  Its
been partitioned into 3...(c: 2.0 gigs), (d: 1.3 gigs), and (e: 1 gig) okay
well, win95 is on c: and e: and on c: it takes up 659 megs...well I know
that Red Hat Linux 5.0 needs to be installed in the first 1024
cylinders...but I want to install RHL 5 on my d: drive (Im going to reformat
it for the Linux file system) however, can anyone tell me if lilo will work
with it setup like this?

2) I have a Nitro 3D, its a virge/gx pci card...ive heard that metro x(i
believe) doesnt work with this that true? Does anyone have a
virge/gx that works with a X window?

3)Before I install RHL 5 do i need to download drivers for my cards (eg
soundblaster64, Nitro 3d, Network card, modem 56k Motorola PnP)?

Thank you in advance!


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