Netscape 3.01 Gold ???'s

Netscape 3.01 Gold ???'s

Post by Mike Y » Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,
        I'm currently running Netscape Gold 3.01, over a ppp line to my
provider.  Current Kernel is RedHat 2.0.30.  Starting last week,
Netscape was at, random times, unable to find  common DNS entries
(Netscape.Com, Yahoo, etc)  Now, I can only connect to my ISP's page or
my own internal page, anything else causes netscape to time out reply
eventuyally (3+ minutes) with DNS lookup error...

        Is this, as I suspect, an error with my ISP's nameserver?  Any
workarounds, could I run NAMED on my machine to bypass the ISP for most

Thanks in advance.

Mike Y.


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I'm trying to access html pages including JAVA applet.
But, there is some problems. Could you give me a bit of idea ?

my linux kernel version is 2.0.20 and XFree3.2

(1) mkdir /usr/local/netscape
(2) cd /usr/local/netscape
(3) tar zxvf netscape-v301-export.x86-unknown-linux-elf.tar.gz
(4) mkdir /usr/local/netscape/java
(5) mkdir /usr/local/netscape/java/classes
(6) cp java_301 /usr/local/netscape/java/classes/java_301
(7) export CLASSPATH="/usr/local/netscape/java/classes/java_301:."
(8) export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/
(9) ./netscape
(10) open
     in netscape

there is no error message but it doesn't display any applets.

I will appreciate you if you show me some good advice.


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