How do I bridge/route between a 10 mbps hub and a 100 mbps hub?

How do I bridge/route between a 10 mbps hub and a 100 mbps hub?

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I have a 10 Mbps hub and a 100 Mbps hub (*not*
10/100, unfortunately), and I want to have devices
on each segment of my network be able to talk to
devices on the other hub.

Here are some specifics: I have a ppro-200 running
Linux (RedHat 6.0 + kernel 2.2.7) and containg two
ethernet cards - a 3com 3c509 (the 10 mbps one)
and a 3c59x (10/100). The 10/100 card is connected
to the fast hub, and the 10 mbps card is connected
to the slow hub (of course).

Now, how do I go about configuring the Linux
machine to route/bridge between these two
interfaces? Before I installed the 100 mbit hub,
everything was on the 10 mbit hub and was on the
network I would like to make adding
the 100 mbps segment as transparent as possible;
i.e., I want to leave everything on so
Windows users can play LAN games between the hubs
and so forth. The only perceptible difference
should be that the 100 mbps users have a faster
connection amongst themselves. Is there a way to
do this?


        -- fast link - | server | - slow link --
        |              |--------|               |
        |                                       |
        |                                       |
    fast hub                              slow hub
    | | | | | |                       | | | | | |
    (fast devices)                  (slow devices)

goal: acts as one network (
can this be done?

Thanks for your time,
Patrick Hearon
Rice University

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