NFS broken in 1.1.73?

NFS broken in 1.1.73?

Post by Timo Korvo » Fri, 23 Dec 1994 04:31:04

We have a couple of Linux machines here at the lab.  They mount some
directories from our RS/6000.  The machines are running Linux 1.0.9,
but I would like to upgrade to 1.1 to get the newest libraries and GCC
2.6.2 to work.

Strangely NFS-mounts of the volumes on the RS/6000 tend to fail when
running 1.1.72 or 1.1.73 (possibly with earlier alpha kernels as well,
I haven't tried).  The mounts succeed only randomly, apparently with a
probability of about 50%.

If I use options hard (default) or intr, this failure causes mount
to hang indefinitely.  The hung mount process cannot be interrupted
(even if intr was used); one can only kill -9 it.

With the soft option, mount quits if it fails.  In this case I get the
following messages (dopey is the RS/6000):

NFS server dopey not responding, timed out
NFS: notice message: result=-11
nfs_fhget: getattr error = 11
nfs_read_super: get root inode failed

With 1.0.9 NFS worked without problems.  With the exception of NFS,
networking seems to work fine with 1.1.73.  I would be grateful for
any clues about the reason for the NFS difficulties.


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Is there a debugging flag I should set?

Has anyone else seen this problem with the 1.1.7* kernels?

William York

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