Lexmark MarkNet PrintServer Boxes and Linux

Lexmark MarkNet PrintServer Boxes and Linux

Post by Ralf Leistne » Fri, 15 Dec 2000 17:39:53


we want to use Linux/Samba as a 'printserver'.
We have several of these Lexmark (NetMark3)Boxes in our network running with
WindowsNT so far.
Due to quite a lot of problems with this MS stuff I want to find a Linux print-
solution. Does anyone
have expirences with these Lexmark or any other printservers?

Thank you
Ralf Leistner
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1. Lexmark Marknet setup via printtool problem

I am attempting to setup a Lexmark optra t610 with internal ethernet style
marknet adapter. I have set these up using LPR ports on an NT4 box simply by
specifying an ip address and any printer name. When I set the printer up
using RedHat 6.1 printtool and specify  its ip address and use
lp99 as the remote printer name the LPD service is unable to connect to the
printer. Is there some extra special setting I need to use? I can see via
tcpdump that the server is sending a request to but the
messages indicate that the connection is rejected.

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