TCP Checksum Errors

TCP Checksum Errors

Post by Shane Anderso » Fri, 22 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I have a Linux 2.1.51 machine Masquerading for me and sometimes it seems
that some packets just don't make it.  So after taking a look at the kernel
messages, I find that I intermittently have bad checksums, which causes the
packets to be dropped.  The from and to addresses don't make much sense to
me either.  And the len= shows 1044/1044/1064 if that means anything.  So
here's what I want to know:

How do I interpret the from/to addresses and the len= section?
What if I optimize as router (skipping checksum check) and forward these
packets?  Will it cause problems?

It may be related only to Masquerading?  I thought *MAYBE* the ethernet
card was flaky so I swapped--same errors.  It also could just be a noisy
network on my side?  I dunno.  I'm hoping someone out there has some
suggestions for me..  It's rather anoying to have to re-try web sites,
e-mail fetches, etc...  Hmm.. maybe it's a crappy TCP/IP stack on the Win95
side? :)

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