using slirp over telnet?

using slirp over telnet?

Post by Soren Aal » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I was wondering if thre is already a stock way of doing
the following kind of thing:

Suppose my machine already has a connection to the Net
(either to the ethernet on campus here or via dip/pppd
from home)  Is there any way to telnet to another host and
start slirp on it and then have my machine see that
slirp as one of it's net interfaces, route particular
traffic through that I/F, etc.

Why?  Well, for e.g., suppose I am on campus here at
U. of Zululand and the Uninet satellite link to the US
croaks and dies (not unknown).  I have an account on
an ISP in Cape Town.  If I could get the above kind of thing
to work, then I could proxy my traffic via them and
still see overseas sites.

I would guess that I can do this with term, no?  (haven't
looked at term much since I found slirp).  But I was
wondering if there is already an off-the-shelf way of doing
this with slirp.  If not, I guess I know what would be
involved, please tell me if I go offa the rails here:

-write a program that opens a pseudo-tty master side,
and then lets me open a telnet connection.  When I am
happy that I am logged in and talking to slirp on the
remote side, I suspend this and the program now reads
the pseudo-tty and sends all the slip packets it gets
over the telnet connection.  Likewise, everything it
reads from the telnet connection it writes onto it's end of
the pseudo-tty.

I can run something like dip on the other end of the pseudo-tty
and it should be happy, no?

I was wondering if such a thing had been done.  I was
also wondering if I should write such a thing?


Soren Aalto


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