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Help! I am in desparate need of EzPPP. I have been to the homepage but I
guess it got hacked! I can't find it anywhere and my network is DOWN. I
have tried writing the scripts needed to make the connection without, but I
am not a very good programer. If you know of a working copy on a FTP
serverlease send the URL. If you have a good copy attach it to some mail.

Thanks in advance!



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It worked once - now I can't get it to work again.  When I use kppp or
ezppp to set up my modem, pppd etc., I can dial the modem, get it to
answer and connect.  But at the point when my login script is supposed
to execute, I get a garbled line instead of the familiar login:/
Password: sequence.  My script doesn't execute and my modem locks up.

What's wrong?

Chuck Szmanda

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