Why isn't my Linux box forwarding multicast packets?

Why isn't my Linux box forwarding multicast packets?

Post by Wei » Fri, 27 May 2005 05:09:18

My setup is as follows:

A ---------> B ---------> C
        eth0   eth1

B eth0: eth1:

A and B are both out-of-box redhat 9 machine. C is windows 2000. The
traffic flows as the arrow's direction. The B is the multicast router
and I want multicast packets coming out from A to be forwarded from
SubnetAB to Subnet BC.

I enabled packet forwarding on B (echo 1 > /proc.../ip_forward) and it
worked I can ping C from A. I also added a route for on B
(route add -net netmask dev eth0), and I am
really only interested in uni-directional multicast forwarding.

I compiled mrouted and started it with everything set as default.

./mrouted -d

Afterwards, I can see the multicast packets coming in from eth0, but
they never were forwarded to eth1.

tcpdump output on B:

B:>tcpdump -i eth1 ip multicast

15:27:03.145280 > igmp v2 report
[ttl 1]
15:27:04.422349 > dvmrp.mcast.net: igmp v2 report
dvmrp.mcast.net (DF) [ttl 1]
15:27:04.512361 > all-routers.mcast.net: igmp v2 report
all-routers.mcast.net (DF) [ttl 1]
15:27:07.040699 > dvmrp.mcast.net: igmp dvmrp Probe [tos
0xc0]  [ttl 1]
15:27:11.155794 > igmp v2 report [ttl 1]

As you can see here, C was trying to join the multicast

B:>tcpdump -i eth0 ip multicast

15:33:52.230373 > udp 188 (DF)
[ttl 1]
15:33:52.230380 > udp 188 (DF)
[ttl 1]
15:33:52.230385 > udp 188 (DF)
[ttl 1]
15:33:52.230390 > udp 132 (DF)
[ttl 1]
15:33:52.230394 > udp 8 (DF)
[ttl 1]

As you can see here, the UDP multicast packet traffic is going very
well on eth0.

The kernel is a vanilla 2.4.20-31.9 i686 kernel. The likely multicast
routing related options had all been compiled in.


What am I missing? This had been puzzling me for the past few days. Any
help would be appreciated! Thanks!



Why isn't my Linux box forwarding multicast packets?

Post by Wei » Fri, 27 May 2005 05:15:05

> My setup is as follows:

> A ---------> B ---------> C
>         eth0   eth1

> A:
> B eth0: eth1:

ugh. should have double checked the post before submitting it.

B eth1 should be




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