Bridges and DHCP

Bridges and DHCP

Post by johnnybrav.. » Fri, 02 May 2003 04:18:18


I have a machine that i'd like to use DHCP on. Thing is, i would
like this machine to also act as a bridge. I've set up DHCP and
ethernet bridging seperately, but i can't get them to work
together. I dont even know if they *can* work together. my setup
is as follows:

eth0 -> subnet 1
eth1 -> subnet 2
ppp0-X -> 0 or more PPP connections

I want to allocate IPs dynamically to hosts on subnets 1 and 2,
and also to users dialling into the box. Ideally, it would be nice
to bridge all the interfaces (PPP interfaces included), since
that keeps the system i'm developing very easy to manage overall.

However, creating bridges requires that enslaved interfaces have
an IP of, and dhcpd does not want to listen on these

So 2 questions:
1. can dhcp be used on enlaved bridged interfaces
2. and if so, then how?