Multi PPP

Multi PPP

Post by David Uzzel » Fri, 22 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Can you do MPPP on linux with 56k modems like Windoze NT or no yet.
Can someone help. Thanks

1. multi PPP connection, multi user, NIS and DNS, smail or sendmail?


I have two PPP connections, one use NIS, the other uses DNS.
Potentially, the configuration is for multi user.

I can extract mail from server by pop.

Now, I want something fancy, send mail out from home!

The goal:

Suppose user0 login into my home linux as user0, on the NIS domain, I have an

user1 login my home linux as user1, on the NIS domain, he has an account

(1) When connected to NIS domain, I want the output mail has From: (or Replay?)

(2) When connected to DNS domain, I want the output mail has "From:" like

First, is it possible?

Second, which is better, smail or sendmail?

Third, how to configure?

Background, I configured term+smail to send out my mail from home to internet.



Jingsong Li Mech. Engr. Dept.  Univ. of Rochester Rochester, NY 14627

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