libc 4.6.27 and NYS: help

libc 4.6.27 and NYS: help

Post by Michael Cast » Fri, 24 Feb 1995 11:19:30

It appears the the precompiled image versions of libc 4.6.27 do
not come with NYS enabled.

It also appears that I cannot successfully build the package with
NYS enabled.  After running configure and answering yes to the
NYS questions, make clean and make depend both end up going into
infinite loops.  I'm gonna try a make anyway just to see what
happens, but I'm not to optimistic.

I'm using gcc 2.5.8, kernel 1.1.85, although I woudln't think
that this would send make clean into a recursive loop.

I've already dropped in the inc-4.6.27 package, as well as all
the precompiled images.  

Has anyone gotten NYS to work?  It doens't appear that libnsl
will work either.  At least I've not successfully gotten that to
work as a standalone package.   (I'd already compiled ypbind,
ypserv, etc, and it's all working fine, unfortunately, somewhere
in the middle of reconfiguring my machines, I mucked something up
and lost some of my NIS config stuff, so getting libnsl working
maybe a muck up on my part).

Anyway... anyone any clue on this?

if *.networking isn't appropriate, feel free to redirect.  I
follow most of the linux groups.

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Hi, I recently upgraded to Slackware 2.2.0. In order ro
install NYS I recompiled the libc library with nys support.
If I add the new library add run ldconfig NYS works fine, but if
I then reboot my PC the network stuff refuses to work: I get "network
unreachable" errors. The problem seems to be that ifconfig wont run
with the nys compatible version of (it works fine if I don't
compile in the nys support). Everything else works fine.
Has anyone else come across this problem, and if so is there a fix.
(I used nys-0.27.4).

If possible reply by email to the below address. I will post a summary
of the replies to this group.



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