Kingston EtheRx compatability?

Kingston EtheRx compatability?

Post by Paul Engli » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I've seen things on this newsgroup to indicate this, but I just want
to confirm.

The Kingston EtheRx is supposedly based on the DEC (tulip) 21040 chip,
and is compatible with the 'tulip' driver.
I see the "combo" version of this card available for $45 in Computer Shopper,
and it seems to me that this is the cheapest PCI card I'm going to get, with
great performance.
(since I don't see the point of a PCI NE2K clone.. )
Just trying to avoid a possible big mistake.. "hey, that's half the price
of a nice ISA card!"



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I had problems with my kingston card being found on any linux distro, works in solaris though.
To fix it, I just download the DOS software for the card, found out what the DMA and IO
were for the card, and then plugged those into the module options.  Then it worked fine.

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