routed + Novell RIP

routed + Novell RIP

Post by Don Garre » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 21:22:53

  I have a Linux machine (1.1.78) which uses a Novell (3.12) machine
as it's default gateway. When I start routed (which I want to route,
and advertise itself, but not as a default gateway), the routing
table fills with all the routes that the Novell machine knows about
(all going through the Novell machine).

  After about a minute, the Linux machine forgets all of the routes
through the Novell machine including the default route.

  Using route add puts the default route back in, but it's forgotten
again after about a minute.

  The Novell router advertises itself using RIP (as a default), though
I have played with different options here.

  The Novell server is connected to 3 sub-nets, and the campus
backbone. The Linux server is connected to 3 sub-nets, two of which
are the same as the Novell (they both serve machines on the same

  Can anyone suggest how I can get my Linux machine to retain it's
default route?

Don Garrett                                                   Louisiana Tech



1. routed + Novell RIP

routed, at least the one on SunOS that I'm familiar with, drops non-static
routes from the routing table after 90 seconds if the route isn't being
advertised by a gateway.

Hmmm. That should have created a static route that shouldn't disappear.

Well, I've heard people cuss the Linux routed as being somewhat deficient.
It could be, though, that the Novell router isn't set up correctly.

If you don't have a network sniffer to monitor the RIP traffic with, try
killing routed on the Linux host, then restart it manually with the -t
parm. This will cause it to print all RIP packets received on stdout so you
can see what the Novell router is actually sending. You should see a burst of
packets every 30 seconds if the Novell router is configured correctly.

In one case, we had a defective router advertising its default route with
a hop count of 16 (which means the route is unreachable since RIP only
supports 15 hops). Routed on other systems on the subnet ignored the default
route since they couldn't route to it. The only thing that worked, until we
got a new code release for the router, was to manually setup the default
route with "route add". This _should_ have worked in your case.

It could be that the Novell router is sending something invalid, or that
linux's routed thinks is invalid, for the default causing the Linux
routed to delete the entry from its tables since it can't route to it
(since the hop count says its unreachable).

Its a wild-ass guess, but it might get you started on the right track.

Paul Bash  

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