"Unknown server error" when running dip

"Unknown server error" when running dip

Post by rm » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Can someone please tell me why I get this error when I try running dip?  
I've got most of my network configured, being able to ping and all, I
just haven't been able to dial to ionet using a dip script.  I get this
error every time, and I don't know where it comes from?  Can someone
please point me to where the source for dip is, maybe I can find out by
studying the code what I'm doing wrong.  There seems to be nothing to
running dip, and yet it doesn't give me any more errors to point me to
the problem.  


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It's simple enough although not obvious till afterwards. You have to
have the variable $local in your sample.dip file the same as the name
the machine thinks it is. If $local is machine.foo.bar and /etc/HOSTNAME
is machine.foo.bar you'd expect that you'd be home free. However on boot
up one of the rc.? files truncates the entry in HOSTNAME to "machine"
(which then becomes your prompt). So what I've done before I fire
up dip is to run

hostname -F machine.foo.bar

giving me a long prompt name now, but dip will fire up.

If you've got it right at this stage you just type "dip" at the prompt, y
ou'll get the command line help info.

This is a kludge and presumably something should be able to connect the
"machine" and the domain=foo.bar together.

Does someone out there know the real  solution ?

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