NIS Problem with yppasswd

NIS Problem with yppasswd

Post by Marian Heddesheim » Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:00:00


I have a NIS server setup to maintain user and groups. Login of the
user is o.k but when i try to change the password with yppasswd, i get
the error: yppasswd daemon does not run on NIS Master server.

But i started yppasswdd on the NIS-Server. With rpcinfo -p <IP-of the
server> i get the line:

  program version proto port
  100009      1        udp  690  yppasswd

What did I wrong here?

Kind regards

Marian Heddesheimer


1. NIS Problem - rpc.yppasswd

I have an U10 running Solaris 8 04/01. I have installed NIS and configured
it as the master server.

My problem is that I can't get rpc.yppasswd to run. I checked the scripts to
start it and the following line appears to be the culprit in <ypstart>

master=`/usr/sbin/makedbm -u /var/yp/$domain/passwd.byname | grep
YP_MASTER_NAME | nawk '{ print $2 }'`

Gives an error of <couldnt open /var/yp/newcastle/passwd.byname dbm>

Checking for the existance of </var/yp/newcastle/passwd.byname> shows up
<passwd.byname.pag> and <passwd.byname.dir>.

Obviously the filenames are different but changing the name to the one that
exists doesn't help.

I can get it to run manually but surely I don't have to bastardise Solaris
like this to get it to work properly??

Anybody point me in the right direction?



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