DIP scripts using ':'

DIP scripts using ':'

Post by Stan A. Rogg » Mon, 08 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Yes, do not put :'s in your script text.  Old old dip did not care, but it
does now.  Maybe someone knows a way around this?????????

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1. Dip won't connect using script

Hi All.
Recently I've had some problems setting up a slip connection using dip.

It appears to set up the connection normally but then I can't
communicate with the outside world.

When I check, ifconfig has set up the interface and using route to check
the routing table, it just hangs until I close the connection. Then
reports normally. While this is going on netstat -i works while netstat
-r fails just like route.

Here's what it looks like in syslog.

Dec 11 22:15:17 mollusk dip[813]: DIP: Probably line disconnected!
Dec 11 22:15:17 mollusk dip[813]: DIP: tty_puts: failed to write to tty
(I/O error)...
Dec 11 22:18:43 mollusk dip[835]: tty_notlocal: file0: /dev/ttyp0  flle3

When I invoke dip as dip -tv and go through the script by hand, I'm able
to connect.

At first I thought it was my recent upgrade to Slackware 3.1 and kernel
2.0.27 but I've since dropped back to 2.0.25.

Any ideas on what to look for to fix this are greatly appreciated.


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