NFS Problem: cannot mount "/home/Dan"

NFS Problem: cannot mount "/home/Dan"

Post by Daniel E. Maddu » Sun, 02 May 1999 04:00:00

I am having problems mounting a Directory from 1 computer onto another
computer.  I am trying to learn about networking and web servers.  I
have 2 computers, a Pentium 60 MHz (i.e., "POWERSPEC") and a Pentium Pro
200 MHz (i.e., "MICRON"), both running RED HAT 5.2.  I have networked
them peer-to-peer and can ping each computer from the other.  I want to
export Files from the "/tmp" and "/home/Dan" directories on my
MICRON computer to my POWERSPEC computer.  "/tmp" and "/home/Dan" exist
and contain files on both computers.  On my MICRON computer I have
edited my "/etc/exports" file to read:


I edited the "/etc/fstab" file on my POWERSPEC computer to read:

micron:/tmp    /tmp    nfs    user,noauto,ro    0 0
micron:/home/Dan    /home/Dan    nfs    user,noauto,ro    0 0

I can mount "/tmp" from my MICRON computer just fine on my POWERSPEC
computer.  On my POWERSPEC computer I type:

mount micron:/tmp /tmp

However, I cannot mount "/home/Dan" from my MICRON computer on my
POWERSPEC computer.  On my POWERSPEC computer I type:

mount micron:/home/Dan /home/Dan

When I then type "ls -l" on my POWERSPEC computer, the computer responds
that 0 files are present.  When I unmount "micron:/home/Dan" and then
type "ls -l", the computer lists all of the files in my
POWERSPEC "/home/Dan" directory.  I asked my brother-in-law the
UNIX Guru about it, but he said I was doing everything right and did not
know what the problem was.  I would appreciate any help on this
problem.  I would really like to know why I can mount "/tmp" but not
"/home/Dan".  TIA

Daniel E. Maddux