redhat8 + cisco vpn client

redhat8 + cisco vpn client

Post by Debojyoti Dutt » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 10:40:39


I tried to compile teh Cisco VPN client for Redhat8. When I start vpninit
it says that my kernel is compiled with gcc3.2 while I compiled the module
with gcc 2. Now, my gcc that compiled that module is a 3.2 .... Hence VPN
isnt working.

Any ideas?



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I'm running redhat 7.1 and am looking for recommedations on setting up a vpn to my linux box.
I already have the cisco vpn client on my machine at work and was wondering if this client is
specifically for that vpn or if anyone has used it to connect to their home network?

Thanks in advance,

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