half-life game server behind firewall

half-life game server behind firewall

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I'm looking to set up a half-life server behind my firewall at home.  The
firewall is a IPCHAINS firewall running under redhat 6.1(2.2.12).

I've got the firewall up and I'm able to play internet multiplayer games
without any problems.  I would guess its some kind of port forwarding I need
to set up on the firewall.  Any suggestions?



1. Half-Life server behind firewall

I want to run a Half-Life server on my private network on Windows 98
behind a RedHat 7.0 ipchains firewall.  I found this information in a
Half-Life server FAQ, but I'm not sure how to implement it.

6) What ports do I need to leave open on my firewall so my HLDS will

To operate the HLDS on a firewall protected network, you must open the
UDP ports:

  6003, 7002, 27005, 27010, 27011, 27012, 27015

Note that these are all UDP ports, not TCP ports.

Auth Ports For Firewall

East auth: half-life.east.won.net which resolves to
West auth: half-life.west.won.net which resolves to

How do I go about forwarding these ports to the windows 98 machine using
ipchains?  Also, how do I allow auth to work, or will it work with just
regular IP Masquerading, which is already on.  I have read through all
the firewalling HOW-TOs, but I didn't find anything in there to tell me
how to forward these ports through my firewall.

Here is what my firewall rules look like now:

Chain input (policy ACCEPT):
Chain forward (policy DENY):
target     prot opt     source                destination
MASQ       all  ------           anywhere
Chain output (policy ACCEPT):

If someone could help me with this, I would appreciate it greatly.


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