dump over ssh 1.2.26 (SuSE 6.1, Linux version 2.2.5)

dump over ssh 1.2.26 (SuSE 6.1, Linux version 2.2.5)

Post by Dr. Markus Wild » Tue, 03 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I want to backup machine localhost to machine remotehost.
I want to do that with dump and ssh. The backup is initiated
on the host localhost with:

dump 0ubf 64 - / | /bin/dd bs=64k  | ssh remotehost "/bin/dd bs=64k

This works as expected and the tape on remotehost starts spinning.

When I read the dump back (locally) on remotehost with the

restore if /dev/tape

I'll receive the following error message:

Tape block size (1) is not a multiple of dump block size (1024)

I couldn't find any explanation for that. So I tried the following
things. I wrote instead to the tape to a file on remotehost with the

dump 0ubf 64 - / | /bin/dd bs=64k  | ssh remotehost "/bin/dd bs=64k

and read it back with

restore if /tmp/backup

And it worked. I wrote (locally) on remotehost:

dump 0uf  /dev/tape  /tmp

a tape an read it with

restore if /dev/tape

and ofcourse it worked too. So I have somehow contradictionary
evidences. Any ideas?

Thanks for help, Markus Wildi


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