can non-root uid write to ncpmount vol?

can non-root uid write to ncpmount vol?

Post by mike_v.. » Tue, 11 Jan 2000 04:00:00

running RH 6.1 and mounting NW 4.1 server volume,
migrating from a Caldera 1.2 system, trying to
use ncpfs to accomplish what I did with the
Caldera client (which is slicker IMHO) which was
letting ftp users log in individually and pass
thru to place files on Novell according to their
own novell permissions.
I'll accept mounting one userid and letting other
users "ride" on its bindery permissions, but it
seems only root can write to the Novell volume.

I am mounting as follows when superuser:
#/usr/bin/ncpmount -S nw41serv -V sys

no problem writing as root, but when I drop back
to regular shell userid, I can read all files
root can read, but can't write anything.

I have tried #chmod 777 /mnt/nw41serv to no

I have also tried to chmod 4755 ncpmount so I can
run ncpmount setuid root from regular userid,
still can't run ncpmount from non-root user.
I can run nwrights as setuid root and can see
RWCEMF rights, but still can't write.
can ncpfs accomplish this?
if I use the caldera client, must I license it?
any ideas?
TIA, mike

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