problem with print to Netware print queue

problem with print to Netware print queue

Post by Jun Che » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00

    I am trying to print from Linux (latest slackware) to a Netware
printer, or should I say a print queue on a Netware server.
    I followed exactly the same as the setup in "Printing Howto", below
is what I
setup for the printer:

1) In /etc/printcap, a printer section:

(This is the only printer I can connected to).

2)For /var/spool/lpd/nprint-script:
/usr/bin/nprint -S NovellServer -U username -P password -q PrintQueue -

3)For all files and directories in /var/spool/lpd, set permission
(chmod) as 775
also did this for lpd lpr lpq, etc in /usr/sbin. I also set the owner of

all directories
and files above as root.daemon

4) I have ncpfs package installed, which inclued nprint, nsend, slist,
ncpumount command. I can successfully mount a Novell volumn and nprint a

text file to the Novell print queue. For the input filter
/var/spool/lpd/nprint-script, I tried successfully the following
$ cat README | /var/spool/lpd/nprint-script
and the README was printed ok.

The problem is when I started lpd and did a lpr, I got the error

/usr/bin/nprint: Server Unknown when initializing connection

and the error message kept coming as long as the job is spooled. I have
no problem to list the job by lpq or remove it by lprm.

I think the input filter was started because the error is about nprint,
which is
in the script, but I just don't understand why it can not find the
server. Is it
possible that somehow the arguments for nprint are lost? The script
working because I can "cat README|/var/spool/lpd/nprint-script"
and the print works.

The spooled files are in /var/spool/lpd and looks ok.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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