Linux network bandwith kernel limitations ....

Linux network bandwith kernel limitations ....

Post by SunSITE Romania - SuperUse » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

Help !

Does anyone know how i could change networking related parameters
inside the linux kernel ? The final goal would be to provide something
like 5-6 kernels with different overhead, allowed (maybe limited
somehow) bandwith etc.

thank you very much.

email response appreciated.


1. ipf & bandwith limitation

Hi together,

So far I am using ipf as firewall and IP-accounting tool on my FreeBSD
4.2 box. Now I need a way to limit the bandwith of each IP that connects
to the server. I did not find anything for this purpose in the area of
ipf or a dedicated tool for this purpose (please correct me if I am
wrong, I would appreciate it if I was wrong ;-).
The only solution I found was to use ipfw & dummynet. But here I have
some questions:
I will allow any packet by default in ipfw because the complete
firewalling is done by ipf. Is it really impossible that a packet enters
or leaves my system just because ipfw says "yes" (as it dos on any
packet) even if ipf says "no". Can I imagine the two (ipf & ipfw) as
being put behind each other? If one says "no" is the packet then dropped
in any case?
Second I am a bit concerned about perfoemance. Is it a performance loss
worth mentioning if I use two tools (ipf & ipfw) that each packet has to
pass or can I just forget ipfw because the first rule lets any packet

Thanks a lot


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