smbmount for shared files linux/win95

smbmount for shared files linux/win95

Post by Dirk Schaefe » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I have recently installed the samba package and the smbmount utilities.
I am trying to connect a linux station and a win95 pc in order to have
process comunication via a shared file. I am partially successful:

I can mount the linux directory on the win95 pc read+write, the access
time is fine.

I can smbmount the win95 directory on the linux station read+write with
problems: I can copy a file to the win95 directory but receive and I/O
error, although the copied file is written allright. I can open a file
on the mounted directory for reading with in a C++
program on the linux station. But I cannot open it for writing: returns an error.

Anybody encountered a similar problem, or has a hint what the problem
might be? Thank you in advance.

Best regards - Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Dirk Schaefer

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1. Mounting shared Win95 dirs with smbmount/Samba

My actual goal is to be able to smbmount a directory from a Win95
machine onto my Linux box. Initially I thought that the problem was
the way I was doing the smbmount but now I'm more or less convinced
that its caused by WfWG not getting a response from Samba on the
Linux box.
   On the Win95 machine, I'm able to browse etc. the services that I've
set up in smb.conf on the Linux box. I'm also able to map drive letters
to these services. I'm unable however to completely set up a Win95
directory for sharing that is part of the Win95 machine. Here's the
problem: Open "My Computer", select a directory named "tmp" (or
whatever),  choose "file", then "Share As", and "Add". This brings up
a complaint box that says "You cannot view the list of users at this
time." When I cancel the operation, c:\tmp has a hand added to the
icon, indicating a share, but it never shows up as a part of the
network neighborhood.
   If I open up the network neighborhood and select my Linux box,
"file", "properties", "General", I can see that the user is guest (which
is a plain user account on the Linux box). Is guest the expected user
name? Now if I click on the "Tools" tab and try "Net Watcher" I get a
complaint that "The server \\MYSERVER does not accept remote reuests."
A try at "System Monitor" gets that complaint that "Windows cannot
connect to \\Myserver..."
   In smb.conf I have security = user. I've read through the txt file
in the Samba doc directory and I don't think that I missed anything
important (then again, not everything is working). On the Win95 box I
have file and print sharing turned on etc.
   So can anyone tell me what's going on here. Basically it appears that
there's some things that the Win95 wants from the Linux box that it
can't get, but at this point I don't know what else to look for.

Thanks for the help,
Bill Cripe

P.S. I can get the smbmount command to at least appear to mount the
Win95 shared directory, but df -v or and ls of the mount point just
hangs and is rather difficult to kill.

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