PPP:Need getty to restart on broken line automatically

PPP:Need getty to restart on broken line automatically

Post by jen.. » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Configuration: Sun workstation ethernet to Portmaster, which dials up remote
Linux box.

Problem: PortMaster will drop line before a disconnect request is sent by the
Sun workstation acting in this case as the PPP Client.  This leaves the PPPD
process running on the Linux machine, acting as the server.  Therefore, the
next time the PortMaster tries calling the Linux machine, it cant.

Question: Is there a way for the PPPD process to automatically detect a broken
phone line, turn itself off, and re-enable the getty process so that the
connection can be re-established.

Comments:  All of this works properly if the PPP Client has a normal
termination, for if I call up the Linux box using Chameleon as a PPP Client
running on a PC, the Linux machine resets itself for the next call when
Chameleon exits. I conclude that Chameleon as part of its termination, sends a
final ppp packet to the Linux host to terminate.  The final configuration
however will be the described PortMaster.

Boundary Conditions:  I can change the Linux end, but not the PortMaster side.

Thanks in advance
Gerry Jensen
GE Medical Systems


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Hi, I have a Linux 1.2.3 machine at home that I connect to the Net with
pppd and chat. I am trying to find a script that will check the net
connection every 10 mins or so and reset my ppp connection if something
has gone wrong with it. Does anyone know of a script that does this well.
I have tried to utilise the ip-down script but it doesn't seem to be very
reliable in that if it doesn't connect again on it's first attempt after a
problem, it dies and doesn't try to connect again. I'm sure I am doing
something wrong. If anyone has a bullet-proof method, your help would be
greatly appreciated! Please e-mail me also!


Del Simmons

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