how to add a route to a particular host?

how to add a route to a particular host?

Post by Carl » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00

We have a net like this:

   local ethernet -> default router -> machine A
                                       machine B

I'm in the local ethernet, and of course all packets to machines not in it are
directed to the default router. I want to access machine B. The problem is
that the router doesn't know about it; only machine A has B in it's hosts
table. Therefore I must build a route that says that packets to B must be sent
via A. I tried the following:

   route add <ip address of B> gw <ip address of A>

but I get "SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable". How can I do it? I'm using
1.2.9 and nettools 1.2.0.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello All,

Is there any method to tell my clients to use a not-locally-attached
in order to reach a specific server?

Example: client is on address  a.b.c.5

Gateway host (solaris) is on address  x.y.z.7  and is pingable from
a.b.c.5 through
bunch of other routers.  This gateway also has a second interface with
IP address k.l.m.1

The server I want to reach is on k.l.m.2 address and is pingable from
the gateway.

I don't want to advertise the x.y.z.0 to k.l.m.0 route from my
but only to tell  specific clients that they have to use x.y.z.7
in order to reach k.l.m.2 host

route add -host k.l.m.2 x.y.z.7
obviously says network unreacheable because x.y.z.7 is not directly
attached to
the client's network.

Is there any other way?



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