sending Raw IP Packets

sending Raw IP Packets

Post by Rajeshwara » Tue, 11 Jul 2006 22:28:07

Hi All,

I am using Solaris OS. Is there any way that I can send raw IP Packets
to some other machine. Actually this requirement came up just because i
need to send a datagram with custom defined source address. I am using
Perl Modules for all these. Any help regarding this is welcome.




1. sending raw IP packet in PPP directly

Hi !

I ahve a question regarding usage of PPP in order to send raw IP

I have a software that I wrote that its output are IP packets (I get
it using a TCP stack), I want to send those raw ip packets as they are
to the out side world (internet...), they best way is using a PPP,
however, I tried to look for a way in which I can directly give an IP
packet to a PPP connection and couldn't find a way, in Winsock I
didn't see an api that gets a raw IP packet and send it using PPP
(there is SOCK_RAW type when you create a socket, however, in my case
I don't have a socket since I get my IP packets from a buffer and I'm
not aware of there creation.

Do you know a good solution for that ?


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