Linux time from port 37

Linux time from port 37

Post by Stephen Davie » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 20:30:27

I successfully use the netdate V1.16 program to set the clock of my Linux
system from a Sun box. However, when I try to use another linux box as the
server (instead of or as well as the Sun), I get a very strange result.

The reported time error from the Linux box is 1,295,649,416 seconds.

I can see no relationship between this number  and the usual 1900/1970
difference and if I modify netdate to _not_ adjust the time for that value
I still get garbage. The two dates that result are 1970 (clue?) and 2035.

I do not have in.timed configured in my inetd.conf but still get a response
somewhere in linux. The code in kernel/time.c looks as if it generates
times relative to 1970 but ...?

I am running 1.1.81 on the linux server and client.



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