How do I _DISABLE_ mod_perl for .cgi scripts?

How do I _DISABLE_ mod_perl for .cgi scripts?

Post by B Kem » Tue, 25 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Oh great - you really think we want to read all of your httpd.conf???

Easy answer - two directories - one with standard cgi/perl configuration,
one with mod_perl configuration.

I beleive it is also possible to have the two <Location>s pointing at the
same directory -with different configs


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I have a guestion associated with a shell cgi script. This problem is
that, the shell cgi script runs well, however after the mod_perl was
built into apache sever and the mod_perl configure was included in the
httpd configure, the shell cgi does not run properly, the errlog shows
that the shell script was treated as perl script.
How to configure the apache, let apache distigush shell cgi scriipt and
perl cgi script? or do not invoke shell cgi as a perl cgi?



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