Can't figure out how to configure sendmail

Can't figure out how to configure sendmail

Post by Richard Amst » Mon, 25 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hello, everyone.  I installed Linux (Slackware 3.0) on my machine a
couple of days ago, and generally I'm hacking along without much
trouble.  My main problem is that I can't figure out how to get sendmail
working.  I assume I need a file (I don't) but don't even
know what's supposed to go in such a file.

Here's the message that sendmail dies with now:

No local mailer defined: Socket operation on non-socket
cannot chdir((null)): Bad address

I am connecting this PC to the net via PPP, but this occurs whether or
not I am dialed in.

Also, do I need to load inetd and other daemons if no one's ever going to
be telnetting or ftp-ing to this machine?

E-mail would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.