Problem printing to linux from w2k or nt

Problem printing to linux from w2k or nt

Post by Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovill » Mon, 15 Jul 2002 00:22:18

I have installed a linux box with woody, kernel 2.4.x, and I want it to act
as a printer server (it will serve over 100 printers) for w9x and w2k (with
sp2) boxes. I have the latest samba version in the woody branch (2.2.3 I
think, updated yesterday). I have tried just with one hp4000 printer with
its own nic and ip. The results are that from the linux box (as non-root,
as well as root), it prints ok, and from w9x too, but with w2k (and a pair
of nt4 with sp6a), I can see the share and "half-install" the printer.
These boxes really complete the installation (asking for a driver I have on
disk), but when then accessing to the printer, I get an "access denied"
error. Then I have also tried with a TCP/IP port via lpr (it could also be
a solution, instead of samba), but when spooling from the w2k, I get an
"unspecified error" with no more details and I haven't been able to make it
work this way either.

Looking at the logs in linux, I can see absolutely nothing, so I have no
idea of what can happen, though maybe the client lpr configuration isn't

Next Monday, if nobody can give me a solution, I'll try to compile the
latest samba 3 release, because in the site they say "improved w2k

Another question is, since surely there will be no disk shares (though I
can use the "valid users" directive), I plan to iterate many includes,
throughly planned, so a user can only see a few printers (the ones intended
to use), and not having to dive the whole set of printers. For this, I
could even set "security = share", and integrate users in groups and/or
user maps. I think I know how to handle this, but if somebody has
experienced or implemented this and has advice and/or doc, that would help.

A last question. The machine is a somehow old server, a p-90 with three
scsi disks (total about 20 Gb) and 512 Mb RAM. Could I have some
performance trouble?

Well, I hope somebody can help me.



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