Initializing modem, take two

Initializing modem, take two

Post by jim Sequi » Tue, 19 Oct 1999 04:00:00

> > Hi there.

> > I have US Robotics 56k Internal voice modem model #1784 (not a winmodem)
> > I have RedHat linux 6.0 on Pentium PC.

> > Modem is on ttyS2, IRQ = 4 (I have no COM1/ttyS0 port installed at all)
> > While trying to connect using minicom I receive no OK or CONNECT
> > responce from modem while it seems to dial my ISP just fine (I can hear
> > it dialing and realizing connection speed). Of course, there are no
> > "Login name:" or "Password:" strings returned and I cannot login.
> > The server just hangs up after a few seconds after connection is established.

> Check the internal modem settings, for the Hayes command set Q0 causes
> the modem to send result codes to the DTE - the OK - and W1 causes error
> correction negotiation to be reported - the CONNECT message.

> If you're not seeing text prompts from the peer then the minicom line
> bps/parity/bits settings may be wrong:  8N1, 7E1, 7M1 ect.  It's also
> possible that the minicom background/foreground colors are the same
> color so nothing appears.

> > Does anyone have experience with USR model 1784?

> I don't but I understand that AT&F1 is necessary in order for some USRs
> to function correctly.

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> /* Those who can't write, write manuals. */

I was just having the same problem. For me it turned out to be that I didn't chose The Authentication  as PAP. Also Make sure you have the DNS entry for your ISP is entered. My configurattion was a ZOOM 56K.

P.S. I am not an expert!!!! Maybe this might help.

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