Linux Repeater

Linux Repeater

Post by Pekka Kilpone » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 18:12:23


I have a linux box which I would like modify to work as a repeater.
It has a cardbus network card and normal pci nic rj45.

Reason is that I have a wireless internet connection and in the internal
network I have a wireless router fw which I would like to connect directly
to my public ip.
This wireless router can only be connected via rj45 jack.

Earlier I has my linux box as a firewall-router, but I do not want to have
two routers in my network.

I tried to look software repeaters, I found Stone, but it seems that it
cannot simply forward all traffic between interfaces, just one port at the

Is there a simple tcp/ip repeater that would hardwire two interfaces
together just repeating all traffic between them?
Is it still possible to use FreeS/Wan ipsec together with that (in the same
linux box)?

Current status:
Internet - Linuxbox/vpn/gw - 192.168.2.* - WLAN router - 192.168.10.*

Internet - Linuxbox/vpn/rptr(?) - WLAN router/fw - 192.168.2.*



1. Linux as repeater?

I am trying to setup a Linux computer as a repeater. Is there anyone out there
who has tried this before?

The problem I am trying to tackle is:

We've got, at home, a linux computer with two ethernet cards in it, routing
enabled in the kernel, connected to two subnets. Both sides use Win95 as the
main OS, but Win311 and WinNT are used also. I do not want to install routes
at all computers (this is the main problem). Browsing is done via SMB (Another
problem, works by ).

------      -------     ------
------      -------     ------
  |                        |
-------                 -------
|comp1|                 |comp2|
-------                 -------

comp1 is, at present time, not able to reach comp2, without installing routes
on both computers. This is a hassle, and I do not want to do that. (The
computers are not mine, and not under my control)

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