I need help with mgetty /AutoPPP/

I need help with mgetty /AutoPPP/

Post by upal » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Ok. I did everything just like you said, it's working, however I am have
a one problem I don't know how to fix it,  Please can you help me ?

here is my
/AutoPPP/  -    -  /usr/sbin/pppd auth +pap -chap login

(Note: The second "-" cause for the user login name to appear in wtmp)

and /etc/ppp/options

and /etc/ppp/options.ttyS2

and /etc/ppp/pap-secrets
*       *       ""      *

now problem is when do "w" there is nobody only me root, even "who"
samething, but if I do:

last |more he is there

bob     ttyS2   115200  Mon     Sep     28      14:27   14:28   (00:00)

you know what Bob is using ppp0 without any trouble, somehow I want to
logoff him after 2 hours, I use Clobberd to do that, now clobberd can't
see bob anymore.

This is what Clobberd see:

14:27 to 14:28 that's it not anymore.  so how can I get awy form this

Thank you so much



1. Help needed with Mgetty/AutoPPP dialin server ?

I'm looking to setup a  machine to act as a mailserver with a
permanent internet connection but also with a direct dialin.

I know a little about linux, basically from playing at home so i
thought I'd see what could be done with an old 486.

I've played with installing Suse 6.0 and was surprised how quickly and
easily I had a working mailserver - I chose a "network oriented"
install and basically it seemed to take care of everything, although I
suspect that security-wise the system was wide open  ?  When I created
a user in YAST I was able to use POP3 from mail clients elsewhere on
the network to send and receive mail as that user - from this I
assumed that mail was working on a very basic level.

The area that did cause me problems was trying to setup a dialin
server, from what I gather I need mgettyand autoppp and I need to
modify the default settings so that PPP starts automatically when
someone dials in ?

I've had a look at the various howtos, but they're quite generic, what
I need is basically SUSE specifc guidance :-)

Apologies if the above sounds vague - I have a lot to lean but in the
meantime any pointers would be useful.

Could replies be CC'd to mail, I only get news thru Deja at work and
I'd like to work on this tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

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