3COM 3c980B-tx

3COM 3c980B-tx

Post by Evans Leun » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00


i had a weird problem with the above NIC, it's supposed to be a Fast
Etherlink Server NIC, but when i plug it into a 100MBit port, it shows
on the NIC that it's only running 10Mbit, are there a specific driver
for this NIC to run in linux?  We put it in and restart the server, it
works straight away so i assume it's ok.

Do I need to do anything else except letting the NIC to autodetect
whether it's 100Mbits or not?

I'd appreciate if anyone can give me some ideas.



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Does anybody know if FreeBSD 4.7 Release has drivers for the 3com nic cards
3c905CX-TX-NM or 3c980B-TX?

The device comes up as faith0 <Unknown Ethernet Interface> in sysinstall.  I
can configure it and it says the nic card is up, but when I ping it I only
get the first line and it doesn't output anything else and seems to hang.
I'm not sure if this is because the wrong driver is being used for the card
or if there are other hardware conficts causing the card to not respond.

Thanks in advanced,

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