NIS not sharing all maps

NIS not sharing all maps

Post by pin.. » Fri, 02 Dec 2005 17:39:44

I have a NIS server and using a client to test it.
Binding to the server works fine, but getting maps constitutes a
'ypcat group' gives me the correct information, while 'ypcat passwd'
returns nothing.
Setting the NIS server in debug mode I get the following:

Found: nis_xxtmp/passwd.byname (0)
ypdb_close() called
connect from
ypdb_close_all() called
ypdb_close_all() called
        ypdb_open("nis_xxtmp", "passwd.byname")
                ->Returning OK!
Opening: nis_xxtmp/passwd.byname (0) 80567d8
ypdb_close() called
         -> Exit from ypproc_all without sending data.
sig_child: got signal 17
children = 0

I also tried running a client on the NIS server with the same result.
Access rights to the files for group and passwd are identical.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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I have a need to create some NIS maps and modify other existing
maps. Unfortunately, political realities prevent me from modifying/adding to
the current NIS infrastructure. However, I do have the ability to create an
entirely new domain.

What I would like to do is be a slave server with respect to the all maps
except automount and netgroup maps.

The question is: How do I pass back passwd changes? I don't have super-user
remote execution ability on the NIS master. I think I am out of luck but I am
hoping someone else has had to deal with this and might have some ideas that I
can use.

Thanks in advance,

Eric Boehm

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