Is 3com's Office Connect ISDN modem overkill?

Is 3com's Office Connect ISDN modem overkill?

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I am doing the same thing BUT I have not received my ISDN yet (~3 wks to
go). One thing I noticed in reading some vendor www docs is that you
*might* have problems with NAT and running your own Quake server and/or
allowing multiple PC's thru NAT to play in your hosted game -or- on the
same server on the net. The reason is NAT (remember that your ISDN
router will get the REAL IP address from your ISP and not your connected
PC(s) which typically get a private address that the ISDN router
handles). The reason for the problem is a Quake server wouldn't know
which PC on your LAN (asuming an ISDN router and 2+ PC's) is the IP
address your router received when you dialed in. The doc below states: "
Certain Quake servers do not allow multiple users to login using the
same unique IP, so only one Quake user will be allowed in this case.
Moreover, when a Quake server is configured behind SUA (Single User
Account) Prestige will not be able to provide information of that server
on the internet". So, this product (and maybe SUA) is worthless, right?

My reference article is:
202 ISDN Router (one of the ones I've looked at).


Quote:> I want to switch from a dialup ISP to ISDN.  I heard about bottlenecks


Quote:> If this more expensive than in other areas?  Are there other choices
> ISDN service besides BA in North Jersey?

In western *ia, Sprint is charging about $ 45/mth for unlimited
local ISDN 2B1D circuits plus your ISP fee (~$40/mth for 150 hrs dual
channel avg.) The local telco can charge what they are tarriffed for
which means if they are tarriffed for business ISDN but not residential
ISDN you'll pay more! Call them and ask what they are tarriffed for.

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> Steve Ferrante

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