W95 Internet Games -> RH 6.0 Gateway - Help!

W95 Internet Games -> RH 6.0 Gateway - Help!

Post by Steve Ledfor » Mon, 31 May 1999 04:00:00

OK, I have been beating my brains out for the past two days trying to
figure this out. I have found quite a few tips from folks and a few web
pages that seem dreadfully out of date and no luck.

I am trying to get Half Life to go from my internal LAN on a Win95 PC
through my RH 6.0 Linux box as gateway onto the net and nothing, so far.
I have learned what I believe the port numbers are, 27015 outbound and
27005 inbound, but I can't get the ipchains setup correctly to get it to
work. As a note, I already have ipchains setup for "normal" web and mail
stuff with a simple ipchains syntax:

ipchains -A forward -j MASQ -s

where 192.168.0.x is my internal net assignments. This works for at
least Netscape. :)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are a host of other Internet
playable games that have the same problem and I need my multi-player
game fix or I will explode! Please help with posting and emailing the
ipchains syntax to do the job.