kernel 2.4 and ADSL

kernel 2.4 and ADSL

Post by Louis Plouff » Wed, 07 Feb 2001 07:44:28

Connection pb
My Config:
        Mandrake 7.2 kernel 2.40 (not the test!) installed via the RPM
        connnection ADSL via RP-PPPOE 2.6 all is well
The problem:
The eth0 goes up, but impossible to have a connection ADSL, I
recompile the program rppoe 2.62 without any  error message
then, made the ADSL-SETUP. but anything to make connection..

Everybody said that the pppoe is included in the kernel 2.4. But how
to use it? is it necessary to pass nevertheless by RP-PPPOE 2.6?

Any (new) idea?



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hello folks,

after installing rpppoe and typing adsl-start, nothing happens. if i debug
it, i get the errormessage from
ipchains, that the protocol does not exist! i read, that rpppoe does not
work with 2.4 version of kernels?
is that true? what can i do to get my fast internet to work?

thanks micha

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