Routing table default route entry question

Routing table default route entry question

Post by Haines Bro » Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have an OS/2 box, and in its TCP/IP configuration, I enabled the ethernet
interface and set
IP address, subnet mask I plan to install Samba and
run OS/2 comm apps through a two-machine network to my Linux box, to which is
attached a modem, and which runs Red Hat 5.1.

I'm having trouble setting up my Linux routing table. At this point I have:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Iface   eth0       lo

I assumed this would enable the LAN, but when I try to ping I get
unreachable." Does this mean it can't see the LAN at all, or only the target
(OS/2) machine?

My Linux box, with ethernet interface at, connects via modem to my
ISP with a dynamic address. I have no problem with this outside connection.
However, do I need to define a default route for my LAN if I'm running Samba?

I did not suceed in adding a default route. In netcfg I enabled network packet
forwarding, and as Default Gateway entered * and as Default Gateway Device I
entered ppp0. However, this default route does not subsequently show up in my
routing table.

Should the default route be to my Linux box as gateway if Samba will handle
the mail from the OS/2 box? In any case, when I try to add a default route by
# route add default gw ppp0  - I get "Hostname lookup failure"
When I try
# route add default ppp0  - I get "Operation not supported by device"

Haines Brown


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I've been running this SCO box ( for over 5 years and until
yesterday my routing table never got corrupted.

Yesterday - and today - a couple of times my default entry in the
routing table simply dissapeared and I had to manually add it again.

I haven't made any changes to the S85tcp script since installation
and I was wondering if someone might give me a hint as to what might
have gone astray on my server.

BTW: Does the following message have anything to do with this:
WARNING: abortincon: tp0 xF1592704 not drop.
I am absolutely clueless ;-)

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