IP problems with CSU/DSU card in Linux 1.2.13 system

IP problems with CSU/DSU card in Linux 1.2.13 system

Post by Edward Hooper » Fri, 25 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have a Linux box (kernel 1.2.13) that is my: mail host, news host, web
server, ftp server, etc.  I'm using a SDL N2csu card to connect to the
internet (through BBN Planet) and a 3C509 to talk to my net.  The N2csu is my
router hardware and CSU/DSU, while Linux is my router software.  Everything
works *except* that when I try to send news articles out, using nntpsend, I
get this message from my news provider:

  502 You have no permission to talk.  Goodbye.

According to my news provider (BBN Planet) I am sending the IP address of the
router (the CSU/DSU card) instead of the IP address for the news host (the
same IP address of the 3Com card).  How do I get nntpsend to use the right
IP address?  Or is the problem more basic than that?  A tech at BBN said that
I need to change my filter table on my router, but since the router is the PC
running Linux I need to change it there.  But I can't find documentation about
filter tables.  And a tech from SDL (the board manuf) mentioned something
about gated and routed.

Am I the only person on the planet using a Linux PC as router and host?

Thank you,

Edward Hooper

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Please help....

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