Internal ISDN Telewell

Internal ISDN Telewell

Post by Jarmo Uusi-Maa » Sun, 18 May 1997 04:00:00

I'm using Telewell ISDN (internal). I know that there is
Linux support for Telewell external, but anybody know
is there coming driver for internal Telewell?
(using Red Hat 4.0)


1. Need help with a Telewell ISA-ISDN passive internal card

I managed to get this card to be recognized by Linux 2.1.120 and HiSax, by
using the TeleInt driver and IRQ 4. All the other IRQs behaved as follows:

TeleInt: IRQ x count 0"
TeleInt: IRQ x count 0"
TeleInt: IRQ x getting no interrupts during init 1
TeleInt: Resetting card

...and the system collapses.

IRQ 4 works only, when the driver is not compiled to the kernel and when it
is not insmod'd at the boot. (if /etc/modules has a line "hisax", it crashes
the system like above).

With IRQ 4 and Debian 2.0's isdnutils, I tried an asyncPPP connection. ATZ
returned OK, AT&Exxxxxx returned OK, but ATDxxxxxx just waited for the

Also, when using IRQ 4, the card seizes both ISDN lines, even when I'm not
connected. If I take off the modem's cable, the lines are restored to
normal. This happens when insmodding the driver; rmmodding doesn't help.

And now for the worst part: It works perfectly well under Windows 98. 98's
driver is for "Intec SIC" card, so if some of you got that working for
Linux, please write me.


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