VPN from Win98 Client thru IPCHAINS+IPMASQ firewall

VPN from Win98 Client thru IPCHAINS+IPMASQ firewall

Post by James Gra » Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:47:47

Hi All,

More just curious than anything as I can get around this another way but
what specific ports is any do I need to open (and how, ie, IPCHAINS syntax)
to allow my Win98SE clients using MS-VPN access to the internet and the VPN

I am running a PPP dial-on-demand Linux RH 6.2 firewall/router/gateway etc.
If you need more info just ask :-)

BTW,  just to clarify, I am NOT trying to run VPN on the firewall, just
client to internet VPN through my firewall.  My firewall blockes nearly
everything comming in from the net.

Thanks in advance.



1. howto ipmasq vpn client using ipchains???

do yourself a favor and use fwctl for managing your firewall.
It's FAR
simpler and more robust than doing the ipchains stuff yourself.
It has
built-in modules for pptp and ipsec (two vpn protocols), so in
your rules
file, you say something like:
accept pptp            -src INT_NT     -dst INTERNET -masq
and so long as you have the vpn masq patch correctly installed,
you're up and running.
get fwctl at http://indev.insu.com/Fwctl/

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