How do I setting my Win 3.1 client with Linux mail server via ADSL Modem?

How do I setting my Win 3.1 client with Linux mail server via ADSL Modem?

Post by yy » Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:00:06

How do I setting my old MSWin 3.1 client with Linux mail server via ADSL
Whether I need my PCI netcard's real mode driver?
                    PLEASE HELP ME!!


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HELP !!!
I'm desperatly trying to make a connection between WINDOWS3.1 and LINUX  via a null modem cable.
I use the TrumpetWinsock 2.0 to log under LINUX and it works quite good. Then I run pppd under WinSock. I receive caracters for a while (about 20s) and after the connection hangs up and I get the prompt again.

My PPPD parameters are -detach local crtscts. Is it correct ?

On the other hand I don't know exatcly what to put in the set-up fields of TrumpetWinsock. Actually I took the same parameters I use to log into my current Internet provider (FranceNet) :
IP adress :
 Name server :
Domain Suffix :
MTU : 256
TCP RWIN : 864
TCP MSS : 216
VJ CSLIP active
DCD check active

Sorry for beeing so boring but I've been searching for one week and I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown :--)
Thank in advance to any guru of the PPP null modem !

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