load balancing two modems HELP please

load balancing two modems HELP please

Post by dav.. » Mon, 20 May 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone understand how to load balance two modems underneath Linux?

Am in need of help on this issue.

I have something working now, but I don't think it is working quite
right. . .

Help anyone?  I will respond asap.

tx in advance, david


1. load balance two two nic cards, one cable modem?

Anyone have any thoughts on the potential for:

putting three nics in a Unix box, grabbing two DHCP addrs from
Roadrunner  (in my case), with the first two nics, and using the third
as a natted default gateway for internal boxes.  and load balancing
the two on a packet-by-packet basis?  

Theoretically this would effectively double the bandwidth of a
connection behind the network.  Throttled upstream say at 180kbit/sec
would go to a theoretical 360k/sec and the 1mbit/downstream would turn
into 2mbit/downstream.

I'm positive this will work but am curious mostly on what software
would be capable of doing this across two nics.  I had considered one
nic but realised that no dhcp server in their right mind will assign
two IP addresses to one mac.   I was thinking that perhaps I could run
gated with equal metrics ..or something like that..

thanks for all input.

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