HELP! pppd-trouble getting Permission denied error message

HELP! pppd-trouble getting Permission denied error message

Post by Peter Nord » Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:00:00


As a newbie on linux i wonder if there is anyone out there who can
help me. I Get the Error message Permission denied when i run the pppd
to connect to the internet.

What is wrong?

Please help!

Regs Peter


1. Permission Denied message when accessing /dev/cua3 in PPPD

I continually get a "Permission Denied " message when attempting to dial up
my ISP using chat. I have known good scripts that I got from a buddy who
uses the same ISP as I do, but I get this message when the script calls up
the serial port /dev/cua3. Has anyone out there encountered this? This
occurs even when I login as ROOT.I have made sure that the permissions on
my scripts are set to executable and have even set the permissions on
/dev/cua3 wide open. I await your outpouring of wisdom.........


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