how should I secure my socks5 server?

how should I secure my socks5 server?

Post by Phillip Thomps » Sat, 23 Nov 2002 01:14:01


I'm running the socks5 server available from NEC on my RH7.2 box. I
have a single line in my /etc/socks5.conf file:
permit - - 127.0.0. - - - -

I ssh to this box and use port forwarding to send traffic to port 1080
over ssh. It works. Good.

The problem is that I get warning messages from some servers when
using IRC, saying my socks server isn't secure blah blah blah. They
won't let me connect.

I thought my socks5.conf file above would only allow the localhost to
use the socks proxy. Am I mistaken?

Is there a better way? PLEASE provide a sample socks5.conf and any
other necessary config info if so.



1. Secure Server -OK, but what about Secure E-Mail?

I would appreciate any help on this. I've been reading this group for
while, and you guys really seem to know what your doing (I'm jealous!)

My web site is running on Apache servers running BSDi.

It has secure server capabilities. Here is my question:

I understand that if I get a certificate from Verisign that I will be
able to have secure web pages with using "https:"

The way I work now, is I design web pages for clients, and host their
pages on my server. So I make them an on-line form, and with a script
like, it e-mails them their form responses.

OK, but if this form was a secure form, how could I set it up so that
the form response gets e-mailed to them securely. (otherwise it
defeats the purpose of a secure form right? Other than making the
customers feel safer about submitting their credit card)

Someone recommended something called S-Mime, but said that as far as
they know it doesn't work on BSDi.  How are people dealing with type
of stuff? And what is compatible with BSDi?  I heard PGP might be able
to do it..but can it do it automatically for form responses?

I would really appreciate any help/suggestions you can offer.

**Please e-mail your response, I don't want to miss it.

Thank you,

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