IPX routing PPP

IPX routing PPP

Post by Bryan Danie » Fri, 15 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I have set up a Linux box as a PPP server. First, I used TCP/IP to make
sure everything worked ok.  Fortuneatly, it did.  The TCP/IP traffic
was routed between my ethernet LAN and the PPP connection.

Now, I want to be able to do the same with the IPX protocol. However,
I have been running into some problems.  The user can connect to my
Linux box using the IPX protocol, and I have the IPX protocol bound
to my eth0 interface (that's my primary interface).  Here is my routing
table file after the ppp has been made.

Network     router_net     router_node
11111111    directly       connected
11111110    directly       connected

I have dilegently been reading the HOWTOs (IPX-HOWTO), FAQs,
Published Books, and Newsgroups to aid me in my new project, but
I still can't get it working. :(

Basically, I was wondering if it can be done.  IPX-HOWTO says it
can, but I am losing faith in that document.  I think my routing table
is messed up.  ipxd was suppose to fix that, but i don't know what
it is doing.  Can someone tell me how i could manually edit the
routing table? (i need the parameters for ipx_route)



PS Can you please send me a copy of your replies via email.  Thanks.