Error message: Set Rx mode to 1 addresses ???Hi

Error message: Set Rx mode to 1 addresses ???Hi

Post by Patrick Hosei » Mon, 20 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I recently add a second ethernet card (Intel Etherexpress 10) to my
When I boot I get the following message
eth1: Set Rx mode to 1 addresses

ifconfig lists the card correctly. arp does not add an entry for eth1
but there is
one for eth0.

I can manually add an arp entry for eth1. When I do this and I ping a
machine on
the subnet connected to eth1 I see activity on the hub (so the ping is
transmitted out).
However the linux machine does not seem to hearing anything from eth1
I ping it from another machine it does not respond ... also tcpdump does
not show
any activity when there is activity).

I believe this has to do with the error message mentioned above.
I would appreciate any help that could be provided on this problem it is

sending me nuts!!



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I'm trying to set up 2 NICs so that my linux box can be connected to
two separate networks.

The two cards are both 3coms eth0 is a 3c905b (PCI) and eth1 is a
3c509 (ISA). eth0 is, eth1 is
Both cards are recognized on start up. With both cards connected to
the same network I can ping both addresses no problem but if I try
to put one card on one network and one on the other - no go.

I looked at /var/log/messages and I when eth1 is intialized there
is the message Set Rx mode to 1 addresses. A few lines later the
message Set Rx mode to 0 addresses appears. From ifconfig it does
look as if eth0 is doing all the most of the receiving and eth1 is
doing most of the transmitting.

Am I missing something on the software side or is this a hardware
problem? Should I try a different brand of NIC?

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